About Tom Fielder Photography

     "True photography is that which evokes a human emotion reaching all the way through the soul of the beholder"  

     Tom Fielder 





Artist's Statement

My interest in photography began as a teenager when I was given an early model Polaroid Camera.  Later, while still in high school, I learned the basics of 35mm photography with my dad's Argus Cintar 55mm rangefinder camera (Circa 1950).   Working with the basic rangefinder camera and hand-held light meter gave me an appreciation for light and the technical aspects of photography.  While studying architecture in college, I acquired a 35mm Nikon Nikkormat SLR and began a lifetime of landscape and architectural photography experimenting with a variety of cameras from pinhole boxes, medium format Hasselblad cameras, and large format 4x5 view cameras.

Currently, like everyone in the digital world, I work with a variety of digital SLR cameras, a converted SLR infrared camera and my current favorite, the iPhone. While each change in the digital world has brought on a 'revolution' in photography, nothing in my experience has made creative exploration as accessible as the current mobile phone cameras.

Every artist sees the world differently, uniquely.  My photography often focuses on strong linear lines and forms in natural and industrial environments, because of my architectural background.  With each type of camera that I may use in a setting, I try to capture the light to convey my vision and feeling in the moment.